Old Tech

What Are Drive Motors?

There are many ways to send electrical energy to a DC motor.  One is A/C power rectified to DC with diodes, A/C to DC from thyristors, or DC straight from a battery connection.  Our cars use a DC starting motor to bring the engine to life.  A battery connection powers this starter.  The battery connection […]
Old Tech

Evergreen State General Characteristics

Class and type: Evergreen State-class auto/passenger ferryLength: 310 ft (94.5 m)Beam: 73 ft (22.3 m)Draft: 15 ft 10 in (4.8 m)Decks: 4 separate levelsDeck clearance: 13 ft 7 in (4.1 m)Original Power: Total 2,500 hp from 2 Diesel-Electric engines with 4 DC motorsNew Power: 2.2 mega watt lithium ion battery bankSpeed: 13 kn (24 km/h)Capacity: […]
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