What Are Drive Motors?

There are many ways to send electrical energy to a DC motor.  One is A/C power rectified to DC with diodes, A/C to DC from thyristors, or DC straight from a battery connection.  Our cars use a DC starting motor to bring the engine to life.  A battery connection powers this starter.  The battery connection is the simplest way to power a DC motor but is limited by the battery’s stored power.  Li-Ion batteries have made electric automobiles viable due to the lithium batteries’ low weight but high power density.  This is why those cars speed by gas stations honking their horns. Well, the Evergreen State has a huge horn (ship’s whistle) that we plan on using to celebrate when we move through the water under battery power.  We will be drawing electrical energy to drive our DC motors from a 2.1 Megawatt-hr Li-ion battery.  In addition, the battery will be providing ship power for the lights and electrical receptacles where you may charge your Li-ion phone battery. We’re honking our horn now!

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